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Because what the F#%Kis really what it's all about, Right?

Shari Goldsmith

President of





Please help us fund the research to find the cure!


We are a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization.
We support promising breast cancer research
throughout the country and offer financial support
to women undergoing treatment and post treatment
for breast cancer. We also raise awareness through our"WTFC"message to live for today because
nobody really knows what tomorrow will bring!

My Story It was 1981 when I painfully watched my mother lose her battle with Breast Cancer. It was fast and furious, leaving me with a lifetime of grief and fear. I am now convinced that if we could have fast forwarded to today, she would still be alive. But back then it was too little too late.

So, with a heavy heart life went on. As the years went by, my anxiety of possibly having inherited a Breast Cancer gene increased. Then sixteen years ago, my Aunt was also diagnosed with Breast Cancer. That moment struck the utmost fear in me; that someday I too would bear the physical and emotional scars of Breast Cancer.

I felt the world spinning around me, I needed to do something. BRCA gene testing had recently become an option. And for me, it was the only choice. If I was BRCA negative, I would live with the same statistics as most women. But if I was BRCA positive, I would have choices that could help prevent me from getting hereditary Breast Cancer.

Well, I was lucky, I tested negative for the BRCA gene! A few years later I received a phone call from a cousin confirming that she had been tested and was BRCA1 positive. There was a breast cancer gene in my family, but I didn't have it! This information finally gave me peace, I was given a "free pass",not.

In June 2007, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Thankfully it was caught during my annual sonogram!

Now, it's time to fight back. I sayF#%K Breast Cancer! And I ask all of you to help me fund the research to find the cure.In memory ofmy mother and Aunt Marcia,in honor ofGrandma Carole, myself and all of you, your family and friends who are battling this disease and in memory of those who have lost the fight!

Please help us fund the research to find the cure!

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*The gold wedding band in the logo belonged to my mother- Rhoda Bergman

To my son Jake whose compassion and expertise kept me going
and helped to make this website become a reality!

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