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... in this life, no one really knows what tomorrow will bring!

Shari Goldsmith

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We are a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization.
We support promising breast cancer research
throughout the country and offer financial support to women undergoing treatment and post treatment
for breast cancer. We also raise awareness through our"WTFC"message to live for today because nobody really knows what tomorrow will bring!

This is how we came to be:

It was a typical fall day for most, but not for me. I was waking up to fight the Breast Cancer battle with the almighty power of chemotherapy running through my newly designed body. But none the less, this was the day my sixteen year old son needed a new pair of sneakers.

So, I searched through my closet to find the perfect top. One I could actually get on in less then ten minutes and would fit somewhat comfortably over what felt like a pair of shrink wrapped boobs. Feeling so excited about the prospect of shopping; I could practically taste the sneakers in my mouth, or was that the taste of Cytoxan? Anyway I mustered up some energy and off we went on our sneaker mission.

We found a close spot to the store and with a hop, skip and a jump, well with a stiff bent over, snails pace; we made it. I immediately took my place in a comfy seat while my son perused the men's sneaker wall behind me. As I stared aimlessly at the ladies wall in front of me, suddenly there they were! A pair of white sneakers adorned with an assortment of bright colors. I then began hearing little voices. Could it be? Yes, the sneakers were calling my name!

I dragged my aching shrink wrapped torso over to the sneaker wall. I picked them up and took a closer look. "Would you like to try those on?" "Why not," I said to the salesgirl who just happened to be wearing them herself! In no time, well eventually, I had them laced up. Then, I did the left foot, right foot dance in the mirror. "What was I going to do with these?" I certainly didn't need them, most likely what I needed was to be thirty years younger to have even tried them on! What was I thinking? And then it came to me. "What the F#%K" I said to myself, "What the F#%K"!

My son and I left happily with his teenage boy sneakers and my
"What the F#%K"
sneakers in hand. From that moment on I realized my life would never be the same. The "What the F#%K" experience would now become a way of life for me! Why, because I deserve it. And I encourage all of you to join me and the "What the F#%K Club" because you deserve it too!

And in this life, no one really knows what tomorrow will bring! So every day, we should indulge ourselves in the things that make us feel good whether it's reading a book, having a mani/pedicure, spending more time with family and friends, spending more time alone, taking a trip, buying something extravagant or just a simple pair of sneakers. Because "What the F#%K" is really what it's all about! Right?

Well, I was lucky, I tested negative for the BRCA genes! story

Please help us fund the research to find the cure!

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